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Looking for new kitchen doors? We make our kitchen doors and drawer fronts to your exact requirements. It doesn't matter where or when you bought the existing kitchen, or even which country it came from, metric or imperial, we will tailor make the kitchen doors to your exact requirements. Our craftsman will fit the doors onsite with German engineered soft close hinges to complete that modern, luxurious feel.

With 1000's of kitchen door style/colour combinations to choose from our range covers every possible style and look you could ask for. Everything from traditional Shaker and Cottage style doors to contemporary handleless styles, combined with one of the many decors, there’s a door and decor combination to create your dream kitchen.

Cabinet doors are key to the look and feel of your kitchen. They need to look good, be durable, hard-wearing and resilient to everyday wear and tear.

When it comes to choosing the right style and material there is a lot to choose from. Below we outline the most popular choices.


Vinyl-wrapped kitchen doors:

Vinyl-wrapped doors are made from MDF panels that are cut and routed as required, then glued and covered with vinyl.

The vinyl goes all the way around the door, and it provides a nice neat finish as there are no distracting joints to see. They are also versatile as the MDF panels that the vinyl is attached to can be designed and routed to lots of different profiles, from contemporary-look flat doors to more traditional designs and styles.

Vinyl does, of course, come in a huge variety of colours and textures (gloss, woodgrains, matt and even mirrored). This gives customers an outstanding selection of colours and designs to choose from.

Vinyl-wrapped doors are a very popular and economical choice in kitchens. Vinyl is durable and made to last - it’s also designed to be scratch and chip resistant, keep out moisture (especially important in kitchens), can be wiped clean and never needs repainting.


PVC-edged kitchen doors:

MFC (melamine faced chipboard) with a matching or contrasting PVC edging are used to make PVC-edged doors.

They give a contemporary look and are available in a large range of colours, different wood grain effects and textures – giving flexibility and variety in your kitchen design.

These doors are probably the most durable kitchen doors available. PVC covered edges means chipping is less likely. They also do not require varnishing or repainting so are low maintenance. They are easy to clean which makes them ideal for high traffic areas such as kitchens. PVC-edged doors can deal with the many tasks daily life throw at them effortlessly.


Painted kitchen doors:

Painted cabinet doors offer a wide range of design options and provide completely customised finishes.

One of the advantages of painted doors is the choice and flexibility that they provide. They are available in an almost unlimited range of colours, textures and design styles. This makes them a popular option for both modern and traditional kitchens. You can also achieve a bespoke and personalised design by using a colour matching service.

This exclusivity is an advantage if you are looking to achieve a custom and premium look and feel. In addition painted doors often have smoother finishes, are non-fading, non-yellowing and offer more uniform textures.

Painted doors don’t tend to chip easily although wear may be more visible on lighter colours. This is an important factor to consider whne designing your new kitchen. However, smudges or stains can be repaired.

Painted doors come with a higher than average price tag due to the work involved in the painting process. 

With careful selection and professional help from the experts at Dream Kitchen Makeover, any of these options can help you to create the style and design of your dream kitchen. For more information, please feel free to contact our team.

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